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The landscape of communication has advanced and changed, with 96% of Americans using a mobile phone, and over 50% of American using the internet to search health-related topics (Pew Research, 2019; Wang, 2019).

For Communication researchers, this means that new and innovative methods are needed to keep up. These methods can provide answers to not only the emerging questions that have arisen, but also those that remain unanswered.

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The new methods for Communication research

The essentials of how it works

Methods such as eye tracking give unprecedented insight into how people give their attention to communication – whether it be written or verbal, through a video campaign, or online advertisements. Being able to see what is seen by others moves research away from subjectivity, and towards objectivity.

To add to this, it’s also possible to see not only what someone looked at, but how they responded to it – how it made them feel. Facial expression analysis measures the emotional displays of the face – and captures empirical data about emotional responses.

Finally, capturing data about the imperceptible changes in arousal can be done with electrodermal activity devices. This provides information about the level of emotional arousal a person is experiencing – how strong (or weakly) an emotion is felt.

Each method adds a new layer of understanding, and allows you to measure the real impact of communication.

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Roger Azevedo
Roger Azevedo
Professor - University of Central Florida

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Researchers have on average published 81% more after purchasing iMotions.

This data was gathered by searching for the number of publications each client has generated, and comparing that number to a researcher working within the same field, and with a similar number of citations throughout the years 2009-2014. The error bars show the standard error of the mean.

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In addition to providing initial training and continuous support, we also offer the iMotions Academy. This is a hands-on, in-person, week-long intensive training designed to familiarize you not only with the iMotions software capabilities, but also human behavior research and methodologies more broadly.

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