Combining Eye Tracking Glasses with EEG

The powerful combination of eye tracking glasses with a wireless EEG device creates the opportunity for researchers to capture advanced metrics and reactions in human behavior studies. This blend of physiological sensors is especially useful when an experiment is set up giving the participant freedom of mobility.

Synchronizing data from these sources is easy with the right software platform, especially given the hardware is built by separate vendors. The iMotions platform offers real time data sync and visualization of select metrics. This can help clean data and mark areas for further study on the fly.

Eye tracking glasses metrics: 
Visual attention
Gaze pointsHylen_Dane_2015-01-14_EEGplot
Scene capture
Areas of interest

EEG metrics: 

These metrics can be used independently or combined to create powerful representations of constructs of interest. The level of granularity of raw data can also differ based on the hardware of choice. Choosing a wireless eye tracking glasses with EEG package can give complete freedom of movement, but you can also utilize wired versions of the glasses for greater storage potential.

Some of the devices supported by the iMotions platform include:

  • Tobii Glasses
  • Tobii Glasses 2
  • ASL MobileEye
  • ABM X-10
  • ABM X-24
  • Emotiv Epoc
  • Emotiv Epoc +
    *more supported through the API