Combining Eye Tracking and Emotions

When you are able to combine the results of multiple physiological sensors at the conclusion of a study, it is far easier to understand a larger picture of what reactions are happening in a participant. Some researchers are looking for a non-intrusive way to gather physiological data, from technologies like remote eye trackers. However, there are other methods to gather this unseen data, like combining eye tracking with emotions captured from facial expression analysis software.

This powerful combination offers an accurate way to determine elements of a stimuli that someone is actually reacting to. By capturing facial expressions and micro-expressions and combining it with eye tracking, one can categorize certain emotions being felt.
The possibilities with this combination extend from marketing research for ad testing, psychology research, human computer interactions, and more. This versatile grouping also is very easy to deploy – you’ll need an eye-tracker, webcam, and the right software to synchronize everything together as it is being captured.



An example setup might include an eye tracker like the Tobii X2-60 or EyeTech Vt3 mini plugged into a laptop via USB 3.0. In addition, a webcam like the Logitech C920 can also be plugged in & mounted atop the monitor.