Certain experiments call for participants to have freedom of movements while still maintaining a strong pipeline of data collection. Using wireless EEG headsets combined with the form factor of a GSR, researchers can synchronize metrics from both of these hardware pieces in real-time with the iMotions biometric research platform.

Out of the box, the following metrics can be collected, including:

Skin Conductance/Electrodermal Activity Engagement
Continuous Heart Rate/Heart Rate Variability Drowsiness
Skin Temperature Workload
Accelerometer data Distraction

These metrics can be viewed in real-time or through a replay of data captured for a participant. The iMotions software also synchronizes physiological responses with stimuli, providing even more context for your findings. In addition, raw data can be exported and computed into additional indicators to satisfy other experimental methodologies.

EEG + GSR Devices

Combining EEG devices with a skin conductance sensor also can increase the types of studies that you can pursue for research purposes. This could include marketing organizations looking to improve the customer experience, medical research, and more.

Interested in best practices for using EEG hardware and skin conductance sensors? Set up an online demo with us today to go over how to get the most out of these devices and your experiment.