Ping Feng,
Graduate Student – Temple University

“For my final project I sought to understand whether the videos with music sound tracks could elicit stronger emotional response versus the videos with no sound track. I wanted to understand whether different styles of music sound tracks could affect audiences’ perception about video content. I also look to see if there was a difference between genders.

For my project I compared a silent baseline video clip to different  video clips with different types of music. I found that music explicitly elicited respondents’ sentiment in both positive and negative perspectives, and increased emotional valence score across various dimensions.  In addition, for male, respondents’ average GSR scores on video clips with music soundtracks were significantly higher than the clips without any sound track. On the other hand, for female, this difference was not significant. However, since the sample size was small, I will need to wait for a chance to run a larger sample size to confirm these conclusions.”

Ping Feng Certificate

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