Mike Breazeale
Assistant Professor of Marketing – Mississippi State University

“For my certification project, I tested viewer responses to two versions of an ad from the same ad campaign — one that employed visual humor and another that employed verbal humor. My goal was to determine which style of humor would result in higher engagement by viewers.

Utilizing eye tracking and facial recognition capabilities, I determined that the visual humor produced higher viewer engagement than the verbal humor, while both ads led to high levels of joy in viewers. In terms of effectiveness, these results point to the superiority of visual humor in this campaign.

The best takeaway that I had from the iMotions certification experience would have to be the level of comfort that I now have with using these highly advanced tools. Before the training, I was a bit nervous about being able to use them to their fullest capacity. I was thrilled to find that the training allowed me enough hands-on experience with research design, data analysis, and data interpretation to feel very well prepared to conduct biometric research on my own.”

Mike Breazeale Certificate

The iMotions Certification is an objective and professional certification designed to help clients become experts within iMotions Solutions and biometric research.