Irfan Kula
Research Associate –  Arizona State University

“My study was a comparison of the cluster and infotainment designs for the hybrid cars. The major research goal was to reveal users’ visual attention and feelings about the usability of cars’ infotainment design and clusters designs to decide which car’s design elicits the easiest use.

While Chevy Volt’s odometer, Ford Energi’s odometer and left panel displaying gas and energy consumption were taking most visual attention, air conditioning (AC) sections of the infotainment design in both cars took the least visual attention. Although causing more frustration than Ford Energi in cluster design at a glance, Chevy Volt’s overall design may be found easier to use since it has highly less overall confusion. However, the improvements to decrease the frustration in cluster design are strongly recommended.

The modules were helpful to focus on each sensor separately. Examining them helped me to refresh previous theoretical knowledge and practices and learn more ways for data analysis and interpretation. It increased my motivation to play with the sensors more as well. I consider the version of the modules work well for the elementary levels, who are familiar to create a study, collect a data and some basic data cleaning by removing some users and packaging the data.”

Irfan Kula Certificate

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