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understanding of consumers

with the world’s leading biosensor platform

Gain a new kind of insight

Knowing how to communicate and resonate with consumers is based on the ability to correctly identify how people are feeling, thinking, and acting. Being able to quantify these components moves the fields of business and marketing from opinions to science.

Understand consumer behavior

Get the whole picture

Business and marketing research has traditionally been carried out either at the group level, or with qualitative methods. While these methods have provided valuable data, they don’t tell the whole story – methods are required that can go deeper to give an understanding of the complexity of human behavior.

A new wave of accessible technology has allowed researchers to do just that. iMotions provides a single software platform to easily and readily use this cutting-edge technology.

Examples of what clients are currently using iMotions for include:

  • Using eye tracking to explore the impact of brand exposure on attention
  • Testing advertising engagement for mobile users with eye tracking
  • The interaction of personality and taste preferences
  • Predicting customer preferences from emotional responses with facial expression analysis

iMotions is used at over 50 of the 100 top ranking universities in the world

Screenshot of advert experiment using iMotions

Emotional responses in market behavior

Leverage the power of biosensor-based research

The accessibility of tools such as eye trackers, facial expression analysis software, EDA devices, and EEG headsets, allows unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior.

Theories can be tested, and new insights gained by the combination of sensors in real-life or lab settings. Combining these biosensors provides an even more nuanced understanding of the processes underlying thoughts and behavior.

The iMotions software is a complete experimental platform that allows the entire process to be run, from study design and stimulus presentation to data collection and export or analysis.

Features to simplify and amplify your work

Connect. Record. Process.

Synchronize a range of sensors

In a unified software platform

Design, present, and record

The entire experimental process together

Fully adaptable

Modify as you need with the API and/or LSL connections

Automatic analysis

Get results quickly from calculated metrics

Objective Data for Understanding Emotional Expressions

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helps Oxford University address entirely new areas of research into emotions. By utilizing an objective and automated system for measurements of facial expressions, Dr. Danielle Shore is able to rapidly explore emotional reactions in game theory contexts.

Enabling researchers without experience in neuroscience to execute advanced studies

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helped researchers at Utah Valley University to take their research to the forefront of new marketing testing

Innovative neuroeconomics research at Texas A&M

AcademiaCustomer case

Professor Marco Palma and the Human Behavior Lab at Texas A&M University is pioneering research in neuroeconomics with iMotions, scaling experiments and executing research faster than ever.

Research made possible with iMotions

University of Arkansas – Shilpa S. Samant, Han-Seok Seo

Abstract: “This study aimed at determining, based on independent predictors of taste intensity and emotional response, whether individual personality traits could affect prediction models of overall liking and preference rank toward basic taste solutions…”

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