In 2018, human behavior research continued to make new strides, from the acceleration of VR and gaming, to hundreds of new scientific publications, and much more.

The iMotions blog also grew in 2018, with our visitor traffic more than doubling compared to 2017. Check out a snapshot of the top ten most-read blog posts of the year as we look forward to what 2019 brings. Like the breadth of human behavior research itself, the posts cover a broad range of topics across biosensors and their research applications, all the way from eye tracking to behavioral psychology.

1. 10 Free Eye Tracking Software Programs [Pros and Cons]

Eye Tracking Software
2. EEG vs. MRI vs. fMRI – What are the Differences?

EEG vs. MRI vs. fMRI – What are the Differences_
3. Top 10 Scientific Journals [and how to check for quality]

Top 10 Scientific Journals [and how to check for quality]
4. Neural Oscillations – Interpreting EEG Frequency Bands

Neural Oscillations
5. An Introduction to Theories of Emotion

Theories of Emotion
6. Saliency in Human Behavior Research

saliency in research
7. An Introduction to Emotional Tracking

An Introduction To Emotional Tracking
8. The Future of Therapy – VR and Biometrics

vr therapy psychology
9. Eye Tracking and Autism – Current and Future Research

Eye Tracking Autism
10. Behavioral Psychology

behavioral psychology

Happy New Year from the iMotions team!


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