We’re happy to announce we are doing everything we can to help assist SMI clients ease the transition by offering our eye tracking software and legendary customer support, free of charge, with the purchase of our CORE License.

Our offer is valid until October 1st 2017 and includes our screen-based eye tracking module as well as our eye tracking glasses module for anyone with an SMI eye tracker and software looking to make the inevitable switch.

The total cost* of our CORE license is $2,900 for academic clients and $3,900 for commercial clients and allow for full and unlimited access to the CORE features listed below on top of our eye tracking software solutions (total savings of more than 70%).

  • Study Design
  • Data Import, Export, and Collection
  • Stimuli Presentation
  • Data Analysis
  • Markup & Annotations
  • Face / Environment Camera

* A subsequent yearly 15% software support and upgrade fee applies for academic clients and 20% for commercial clients.


SMI clients can with iMotions enjoy:

  • SMI Eye Trackers Supported with iMotions’ Eye Tracking Software
    Your existing hardware is supported by the iMotions, meaning no need for further hardware purchases to continue your research.
  • Integrated Stimuli Presentation in Software
    Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real life product scene recordings, surveys, and much more.
  • Gaze Mapping for SMI Glasses
    Our state-of-the-art gaze mapping engine including cloud-based gaze mapping ensures faster and more accurate gaze mapping.
  • Multiple Biosensor Integrations
    iMotions integrates and synchronizes with leading hardware and software partners such as BIOPAC, Emotiv, Qualtrics, Brain Products, StimTracker, and many more to provide a seamless transition if you decide to upgrade your research capabilities..
  • Eye Tracking Agnostic and Future-Proofed
    When the time comes and it’s time for a new eye tracker or if you have another brand as a backup, we fully integrate with Tobii, GazePoint, EyeLink, ASL, and TheEyeTribe eye trackers and many more to come.
  • … and Much Much More
    Full API Flexibility, iMotions Academy, Certification, Teaching Solutions, Services, Dedicated Workshops, Online Training, Free Software Upgrades, Customer Support, and much much more.


Powering 500+ Organizations

iMotions already powers over 500+ organizations around the world, including many clients already using SMI eye trackers with iMotions’ software.

MediaScience has over 130 eye tracking stations across seven different suppliers including SMI:


“At MediaScience, we use trackers from a wide range of vendors including SMI. Fortunately, we’re able to use one platform, iMotions, for analysis across all of our eye tracking systems. This means that even though SMI is no longer directly supported, due to their recent acquisition, we can continue using their systems, without interruption, in concert with our other tracking systems.”

Dr. Duane Varan, Founder and CEO, MediaScience


MauroNewMedia utilizes a variety of biosensors in their solutions, including eye trackers from SMI and Tobii.


Charles MauroHaving used both SMI’s and iMotions’ software for our SMI Glasses, there is no doubt – iMotions wins in every way. With its ease-of-use, functionalities, and with their extensive portfolio of hardware integrations we have full flexibility to use our existing BIOPAC systems and have even added Facial Expression Analysis to our research capabilities. I can also say now with total confidence that in terms of customer and technical support iMotions is vastly more responsive than SMI and fields a team of world-class support team who respect and appreciate the business of conducting rigorous professional research utilizing multiple-channel data capture and analysis. iMotions is a cut above all others at this time and integration with SMI eye-tracking is only one advantage.

Charles Mauro, Founder and CEO, MauroNewMedia