2017 brought many great new clients from both the academic and commercial world and with them an astounding number of fascinating use cases. One of the areas we have been seeing more interest is from the automotive industry where they are using biometrics to understand driver emotions and behavior and improve driver experience and safety.

A great example is from our client Mazda Motor Europe, who along with researchers from the University of Fribourg and 60 lucky participants, ventured into the cold, and used facial expression analysis and galvanic skin response to investigate driver engagement on a more… challenging track than usual.

Quite an extensive research setup, not only in terms of respondent count, design of experiment, and general ambitions, but also by the marketing video below they produced along the way, which I as a marketer am very impressed by.



The results of the study are not public (yet) but as you can see from watching the video above it seems to have been a positive experience. But to quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data“.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got just a little bit more excited about the possibilities within biosensor-based research. I can highly recommend our eye tracking guide below if you are looking for more content to consume. Otherwise you are always welcome to contact us to see how we can help with your research.

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