Hi all eye tracking interested people out there!

Things are moving fast here in iMotions and we continue to build new and useful features based on our client feedback.

We have a lot of new exciting news in the near future that we hope will change and expand the eye tracking industry.

We want to spread this new eye tracking case study that I hope you can use as inspiration for how to deliver analyses with Attention Tool to your clients. It is based on a real study done for Ecco in 2010. Several iterations have now been tested of their advertising composition line with great results for them as you can see on the statement on the front page of the case.

This study was done in iMotions services department, which we founded 14 months ago in order to specify and improve our software offering even more. And you should hopefully soon see even more results of that.

Please stay tuned with iMotions announcements the next couple of months and happy testing!

Best regards,

The iMotions’ Team