How much do you really know about Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)?

We have prepared a GSR crossword that consists of 11 questions to help you test just that.

To make it a bit easier, we have attached links to articles that will help you find the right answer for each of the questions. The questions are divided horizontally (across) and vertically (down). If you really, really need help, we have also attached the correct answers at the bottom.

Are you ready?


  • 1) What is one of the other terms used for Galvanic Skin Response? (13,8)* [Hint]
  • 4) If you are measuring heart rate with a shimmer GSR device, where do you place the optical heart rate sensor? (Name of a finger) (4,6) [Hint]
  • 6) What part of our skin could be said to be “sudoriferous”? (5,6) [Hint]
  • 8) What is the name of a company that is a leading manufacturer of wearable wireless sensors including GSR devices? (7) [Hint]
  • 9) How do we refer to the slowly fluctuating signal of the Electrodermal response? The answer is [______ activity] (5) [Hint]
  • 11) How many electrodes are usually placed on the skin during a study involving GSR? (3) [Hint]


  • 2) Fill in the sentence: “GSR is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and results in sweat from the surface of the _____. “ (4) [Hint]
  • 3) What is one of the places on our body with the highest amount of sweat glands? (8) [Hint]
  • 5) How many bones are located in our hand? (6,5) [Hint]
  • 7) What is the name of a skin layer where sweat glands typically originate from? (10) [Hint]
  • 10) Fill in the gap: “GSR _____ refers to changes in the phasic signal above a certain threshold.’ (5) [Hint]

*number of letters in a word

Crossword - GSR iMotions


You can download the GSR crossword as a PDF here. In a case you weren’t able to answer all the questions, you can find the correct answers at the bottom of this page.

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  • 1) lamredortcelE
  • 4) regnif gniR
  • 6) sdnalg taewS
  • 8) remmihS
  • 9) cinoT
  • 11) owT
  • 2) nikS
  • 3) daeheroF
  • 5) neves ytnewT
  • 7) simredopyH
  • 10) skaeP