How much do you really know about eye tracking? We have prepared an eye tracking crossword that consists of 14 questions to help you test just that.

To help you out, we have attached links to articles which will help you find the right answer for each of the questions. The questions are divided horizontally (across) and vertically (down). If you really really need help, we have also attached the correct answers at the bottom.

Are you ready?


  • 1) What type of wavelength do most of the modern eye trackers utilize? (4, 8)* [Hint]
  • 4) Which eye tracking metrics visualize fixation positions and temporal changes of fixations as an overlay on a specific stimulus across different respondents? (8)  [Hint]
  • 5) What is the sampling rate of the screen-based eye tracker Gazepoint GP3 (HZ)? (5)  [Hint]
  • 6) What is the name of a multi-camera system developed by Smart Eye? (3) [Hint]
  • 7) What is the name of a free eye tracking software developed by the University of Berlin? (5)  [Hint]
  • 11) What is the name of an analytical technique that enables visualizing eye tracking data captured in a dynamic environment in one static image? (4, 7)  [Hint]
  • 12) Which field is one of the top application fields for eye tracking? (8) [Hint]


  • 2) In which century were the first so-called, naked eye observations that are considered to be the beginning of eye tracking conducted ? (10) [Hint]
  • 3) What do we call the eye movements between fixations? (8)  [Hint]
  • 6) Which type of advanced eye tracking metrics shows the level of physiological arousal? (5, 8)  [Hint]
  • 8) Which eye tracking hardware company was acquired by Apple in 2017? (3)  [Hint]
  • 9) Who is considered the “father of eye tracking”? (surname) (5)  [Hint]
  • 10) Who is the author of the book called “Eye Tracking the User Experience: A Practical Guide to Research”? (surname) (5) [Hint]
  • 13) What kind of eye tracking hardware is suitable for data collection in a dynamic environment? (7) [Hint]

*number of letters in a word

Eye Tracking Crossword iMotions


You can download the eye tracking crossword as a PDF here.  If you have not answered all questions, you can find the correct answers at the bottom of this page.

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Correct answers (backwards):


  • 1. derarfni-raeN
  • 2. htneeteniN
  • 3. sedaccaS
  • 4. spamtaeH
  • 5. ytxiS
  • 6. ORP (horizontally)
  • 6. noitalid lipuP (vertically)
  • 7. amagO
  • 8. IMS
  • 9. lavaJ
  • 10. okjoB
  • 11. gnippam-ezaG
  • 12. ygolochysP
  • 13. sessalG