How much do you really know about EEG?

We have prepared an EEG crossword that consists of 14 questions to help you test just that.

To make it a bit easier, we have attached links to articles which will help you find the right answer for each of the questions. The questions are divided horizontally (across) and vertically (down). If you really, really need help, we have also attached the correct answers at the bottom.

Are you ready?


  • 1) Which EEG oscillations have the lowest frequency range? (5)* [Hint]
  • 2) Which EEG metric provides information about an individual’s approach and avoidance behavior? (7,9) [Hint]
  • 5) How many electrodes does Neuroelectrics Enobio 32 have? (Tricky question!) (6,3)  [Hint]
  • 6) What is the name of another brain imaging technique that provides a static image of the structure of the brain at a set moment in time? (3)  [Hint]
  • 8) Fill in missing word: “The purpose of EEG is to measure the electrical activity resulting from the interactions between __________.” (7) [Hint]
  • 9) Who is the author (surname) of a book called “Practical Approach to Electroencephalography” (8) [Hint]
  • 11)What is the name of one of the EEG application fields in which EEG is used to help detect brain processes that drive consumers’ decisions? (14) [Hint]
  • 14)  Which one of the 4 main divisions of the cortex is responsible for vision? (9) [Hint]


  • 3) Which company produces ActiCHamp? (5,8) [Hint]
  • 4) What is the name of an EEG hardware company that is associated with one of the highest number of publications? (7) [Hint]
  • 7) Which EEG metric provides information about how much attention and mental resources an individual dedicates to a stimulus? (10) [Hint]
  • 10) What part of EEG device is usually the most expensive? (9)  [Hint]
  • 12)  Neurologist Hans Berger is considered to be the first person who applied EEG to humans in the 1920s. What was his nationality? (6) [Hint]
  • 13)  Which biometric sensor in combination with EEG helps to equally assess both the quality of an emotion and its intensity? (3) [Hint]

*number of letters in a word

EEG - crossword


You can download the EEG crossword as a PDF here. In a case you weren’t able to answer all the questions, you can find the correct answers at the bottom of this page.

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Correct answers (backwards):

  • 1. atleD
  • 2. yrtemmysA latnorF
  • 5. owt ytrihT
  • 6. IRM
  • 8. snorueN
  • 9. nosnebiL
  • 11. gnitekramorueN
  • 14. latipiccO
  • 3. stcudorP niarB
  • 4. imeSoiB
  • 7. tnemegagnE
  • 10. reifilpmA
  • 12. namreG
  • 13. RSG