Building a multidisciplinary university megalab is not something that is done every day. We are however in that fortunate position to receive a larger number of requests to help research needs, equip with software and hardware, train researchers, and service multidisciplinary biometric research megalabs all around the world.

So how exactly can building a megalab help towards your goals?

With the help of our large base of academic clients, we have formed a clear picture of the multiple benefits (although no department needs are the same), often resulting in:

  • A substantial boost in the amount and quality of your biometric research
    [more and better publications]
  • An increase in the prestige of your department/university
  • The ability to attract better talent
  • Equipping students with experience that can help in a transition to industry
  • And much more…

A word from our CEO

Having worked with hundreds of our university clients the last 12 years, our CEO and Founder Peter Hartzbech knows a thing or two about the advantages (and challenges) of implementing a biometric research megalab. Watch his quick 3-minute video to gain better insights into how adding a cutting-edge lab to your department can help skyrocket your goals.


Watch our customer success story videos to learn how our clients get value from biometrics and create powerful research that is changing the world.

Want to know more?

Contact us to learn more on how iMotions can help your organization with its advanced biometric research through our software and hardware solutions.


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