2017 has been an exciting year for all of us here at iMotions. We’ve been encouraged and enthused by not only the quantity and quality of research and work that is being carried out with our software, but also the variety. This variety continues to show the strength of biosensor-based methods – that whatever needs to be known about human thought, feelings, and behavior, can be handled and answered through these adaptable methods.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in just 12 months, and look forward to demonstrating the usefulness of biosensors in the coming year too. But before we get to that, we thought we’d have a look at the milestones of the year, and reflect on what has happened in 2017.

New Talent in iMotions

We have also seen our team continue to grow. We have received thousands of applications and truly value every one them, and look forward to hiring even more in 2018. This year we have been so fortunate to have hired an incredible pool of talented people to help us best serve our clients.  

Some of our new team members in 2017

Most important to all of this has been our clients who have pushed and inspired us all of the way – we aim to keep making advanced research as streamlined and effortless as possible, and to aid in new discoveries in behavioral science as much as we possibly can.

New Hubs

We recently had the honor of introducing two new iMotions hubs in Berlin  and Singapore . This expansion has allowed us to better serve our clients with prompt responses and even better support than before.

And remember our doors are always(ish) open.

imotions offices


The iMotions Platform

Much has happened in 2017, not only to our exisiting software solutions, but also in terms of extension of our offerings and the company as a whole. From every branch of iMotions we have experienced significant improvements and proud to be able to provide an ever wider range of options.

Partner and Integration Ecosystem

This year we yet again added to the rooster of world-leading 3rd parties to our platform such as Smart Eye, Neuroelectrics, and Brain Products added (as well as creating a stronger integration with SMI eye tracking hardware).


main integration partners three rows

An overview of deeply integrated sensors and technologies


Our software has gone through some monumental changes this year, with numerous updates bringing us currently to version 7.0. We have rolled out a range of features and major improvements, and we’re excited to keep this pace going as we continue in 2018.

Inside iMotions

Our new features released this year have ranged from new ways to do research, to improved functionality, to new integrations. We’ve listed just some of them below, to give you an idea of the changes that are happening year-on-year at iMotions.

  • New survey editor
  • Upgrade to 64-bit computing
  • Advanced studies with stimuli blocks
  • Faster and automatic gaze mapping in the cloud (with auto segmentation)
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer supported for web stimuli
  • Study design, export, and analysis improvements
  • More intuitive workflows and improved UX
  • and much much more…

Around the World in 365 Days

Team members from every department (from product specialists, sales, developers, to marketing) have traversed the planet ensuring that the right knowledge to the right situation is always available whether it’s conferences, workshops, or client visits.

This year we attended 16 conferences, many of which we sponsored, a truly uncountable amount of workshops spanning 6 continents (Antarctica we unfortunately missed).

Product Specialist Jessica Wilson happily testing Affectiva’s Emotion Engine at their summit

Meeting with clients outside of a conference context has also been a major part of our work year – it has been inspiring to see the work that is being carried out in so many fields, in so many parts of the world. Our travels have taken us all over the world, totalling 1.000,000 miles+ (that’s about two round-trips to the moon).

The Future of Human Behavior Research

In 2018 we’re looking forward to releasing some groundbreaking new products, continue to provide the best software solution on the market with tons of added features and improvements, and to help our clients execute their research faster and better than ever before.

Thank you for a fantastic 2017!

Best regards,

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