BIOPAC ECG100C device is an add-on to the MP160 and MP150 devices and records electrical activity generated by the heart. Recording ECG data from various locations allows researchers to study the properties of the ECG wave and implement a fully automated analysis.

Manufacturer: BIOPAC

Model: ECG100C

Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module

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Hardware Specifications

Gain 500, 1000, 2000, 5000
Output range ±10 V (analog)
Frequency response Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz, 150 Hz
High Pass Filter: 0.05 Hz, 1.0 Hz
Notch filter 50 dB rejection @ 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Noise voltage 0.1 µV rms – (0.05-35 Hz)
Signal source Electrodes (three electrode leads required)
Weight 350 g
Dimensions 4 x 11 x 19 cm
Input connectors Five 1.5 mm male Touchproof sockets (Vin+, Ground, Vin-, 2 of shield)
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