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Client Testimonials

We work with most major eye tracking hardware solutions. iMotion’s ability to provide a unified software platform for analysis services across most hardware platforms was incredibly attractive for us and greatly simplifies the flow of our research. This allows our researchers to focus their energy on analysis rather than data collection. It’s a major step forward in bringing greater scale to our research.“

Duane Varan, MediaScience’s CEO

“We conducted a very thorough analysis of all the eye tracking vendor offerings and the main reasons we’ve chosen iMotions Attention Tool are its ease of use, its fast and efficient handling of data, and its highly differentiated analysis capabilities which help take our insights to a new level. On top of that, we can now conduct our studies up to 60% faster, giving us much more time to focus on the needs of our clients.”  

Mark Einhorn & Vivian Edelberg, VPs

What people see and what they say are not always the same. At our company, understanding consumer behavior is critical to improve consumers’ lives and central to our business success. Eye tracking is an increasingly important tool in our toolbox. iMotions Attention Tool® is facilitating eye tracking research and helping us to more efficiently meet our objectives. iMotions has produced a highly intuitive and flexible product that facilitates experimental design and reporting. Their highly skilled software team is reactive to customer needs and continually innovating in this space”.

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“iMotions provide valuable insights into our campaigns’ performance and how our potential consumers engage with our campaigns.  iMotions Eye Tracking shed light on our print ads’ arousal activation (emotional engagement) and which layout that performs the best. ECCO has actively used the results in the creation of our campaigns. 

Helene Nøgaard, Market Analyst, ECCO

“We are excited about testing with Attention Tool® on behalf of all our European markets. The tests that we have carried out so far have generated great insight and value to us. In order to optimize our decision processes we are testing the use of Attention Tool® in the entire product cycle – from start of the packaging design to the end of shelf placement.”

Allan Sørensen, Commercial Development, Cadbury, Denmark


Attention Tool, the biometric research platform from iMotions, allows us to easily get the data we need for our research. iMotions made it an easy choice – being able to combine EEG, the leading facial expression analysis technology, our choice of eye tracking hardware, and GSR so easily out of the box is just something that no one else does. Their support has been great, helping us the entire way. We highly recommend iMotions solutions.

Susan Rivers, PhD, Deputy Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Iowa State UniversityTo date, we have about 2000+ hours logged on the eye tracking system using iMotions. iMotions makes getting started with an eyetracking study easy with very little need for training of lab customers. We are able to leverage the power of the analysis and reporting functions while still having complete access and control over the raw data. iMotions helps make the impact of eye tracking studies tangible with excellent visuals and an easy to use interface. On top of that iMotions has been very responsive to our questions & always receptive to improving the analysis process.”

Andrea Peer, PhD Student Human-Computer Interaction ISU

Arizona State University“In our Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) lab at Arizona State University, we employ state-of-the-art eye tracking systems and a large variety of biometric sensors (EEG, GSR) to conduct our research. One of the major obstacles with this type of research is the process of synchronizing the EEG and GSR signals with the eye tracking data. Fortunately, this is now done automatically in the Attention Tool software. As a result, we save considerable time and, more importantly, secure high quality data with Attention Tool. This really eases the burden on our students and researchers that want to conduct eye-tracking studies in combination with sophisticated sensor suites.”

Dr. Bob AtkinsonArizona State University

Testimonial UNAMOur research group study different cognitive aspect during development and aging. Since we try to incorporate our students into research, we have to train new assistants almost every semester. With previous eye-tracking software, by the time they knew how to handle the system, they had to rotate to another lab. Now, with the Attention Tool Software, training is a breeze. So the students now can concentrate in learning more fundamental aspects of research methodology, instead of spending their time learning how to use a specific system.”

Juan Fernandez-Ruiz Ph.D. National University of Mexico (UNAM)