Introducing iMotions 7.0

Taking Your Research to the Next Level


Key Features and Improvements

  • New Affectiva Deep-Learning Engine

    Integration with Affectiva’s updated facial expression analysis engine ensures more accuracy in both detection and performance

  • Full integration with Neuroelectrics Enobio

    Neuroelectrics’ Enobio devices allow advanced, wireless (through WiFi or bluetooth) EEG research to be carried out, with up to 32 channels

  • Full integration with Smart Eye Pro

    Integration with Smart Eye Pro multi-camera eye tracking setups to allow for complex and scalable research in a wide range of environments

  • Tighter and advanced SMI integrations

    Every SMI eye tracker is now supported in iMotions, with analysis capabilities well beyond even SMI’s own software

  • Moving to 64-bit computing

    More power available to the iMotions software, ensuring that processes run efficiently and smoothly

  • Enhanced gaze mapping functionalities

    Introducing automatic segmentation of areas of interest and improvements to gaze mapping capabilities and analysis in the cloud

  • Improved workflows and UX

    Take advantage of even more intuitive workflows and usability enhancements to seamlessly create experiments, run studies, and analyze your data.

Improved Facial Expression Recognition

New Affectiva Deep-Learning Engine

Affectiva has updated its facial expression analysis engine, built upon deep-learning methods. This offers two principal improvements:

  • Face recognition is now even better, resulting in much higher ability to capture faces and emotions even with movements from respondents
  • Emotional recognition accuracy is significantly more sensitive, giving more depth to the data
Neuroelectrics logo

Expanded EEG Partnerships

Full Integration with Neuroelectrics Enobio

iMotions now integrates Neuroelectrics Enobio 8, 20 and 32 channel headsets. The Enobio series has the following benefits:

  • Dry electrodes can be used, meaning that less time is needed for setup for quicker recordings
  • Flexible and non-intrusive headband  for prefrontal assymmetry, making it much easier to run EEG studies
  • 8, 20, and 32 channel devices, all of which are comfortably and reliably positioned by the lightweight headset

Read more about our Neuroelectrics integration

Advanced Eye Tracking Possibilities

Full Integration with Smart Eye Pro

With our integration to Smart Eye Pro, clients will be able to expand their eye tracking research environments, setups and situations. Users can also enjoy:

  • Full 360° non-wearable head and eye tracking
  • Unlimited potential with 2-8 eye tracking camera setup
  • Suited for simulator, automotive, and aviation application areas
  • Extended field of view for more realistic testing scenarios

Read more about our Smart Eye integration

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Increased SMI Support

Tighter and Advanced SMI Integrations

Following on from the acquisition (and end) of SMI, iMotions now:

  • Integrates with every SMI eye tracker that is supported by the iViewX driver
  • Automatic Gaze-mapping now works with SMI glasses – this was previously a manual or semi-manual capability with SMI, but is now carried out automatically in iMotions
  • Several SMI eye tracking metrics are incorporated to support demands of existing SMI users

Read more about our SMI integration

Smoother Processing Performance

 Moving to 64-Bit Computing

The iMotions software now runs as 64-bit, meaning that processes can run more smoothly than before. The main advantages are:

  • Increased stability – the ability to handle intense data processes means that stability is vastly increased for large multi sensor studies
  • Larger volumes and intense study demands (such as VR, gaze mapping, and particularly large studies) are handled even better than before
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Automatic Gaze Mapping Segmentation

Enhanced gaze mapping functionalities

Our gaze mapping engine has been given a major overhaul and new features added, allowing you to now enjoy:

  • Improved speed and accuracy, allowing advanced analysis to be completed quickly and efficiently in the cloud.
  • Automatic segmentation of times of interests –  select the time of interest that you would like gaze mapping to be carried out on, and the software will analyze automatically identify and mark the same times of interests on all other respondents.

Looking Beyond Ease of Use

Improved Workflows and UX

Take advantage of even more intuitive workflows and usability enhancements to seamlessly create experiments, run studies, and analyze your data.

  • Experiment preview capabilities
  • Flexible study design locks
  • Improved data quality checks
UX and Workflows

… and much more

For full release notes please visit the iMotions Help Center (client access only). As always – if you have a suggestion for any future feature or improvement please feel free to reach out.

  • EmotivPRO support (SDK 3.5)
  • Support for Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) enabled devices
  • Backup library updated to save individual studies rather than one combined file
  • Add elapsed time in live viewer for screen / face / scene based recordings
  • Warning to prevent existing respondent data of being overwritten
  • Option to edit segmentation criteria for an existing analysis
  • Changes to signal post processing dialogs (ABM, AFFDEX, FACET)
  • Option to install demo studies when library is empty
  • Chrome mobile emulation options for web stimuli
  • Make the video bar separator (replay, AOI) easier to click and drag