iMotions 6.3 is here!

Raise your productivity to the next level with new integrations, analysis functionalities, and study design capabilities

  • Elevate your research with new integrations
    iMotions now integrates the Gazepoint GP3 HD eye tracker, BIOPAC’s MP160 system, and Brain Products’ actiCHamp EEG system.
  • Bring your experiment design a step forward
    The new stimuli block design editor gives you full control over stimuli presentation.
  • Next-level survey design
    A new and improved survey editor gives you the ability to design surveys exactly as you want.
  • Easier analysis and faster results
    Automatic gaze mapping time is significantly reduced with cloud-based processing.
  • Social scene analysis
    The new multiple face analysis tool allows you to select the face of interest from multiple people for your study.

… and much more

Elevate your research with new integrations

Gazepoint GP3 HD
This low-cost tracker is natively integrated and allows for even more cost-effective eye tracking research.

Brain Products actiCHamp
The popular high end 32 channel (and more) EEG system from Brain Products is now natively integrated.

This upgraded amplifier from BIOPAC is now natively integrated. Combine ECG, EMG, GSR/EDA, respiration and more, both wired and wireless.

Bring your experiment design a step forward

Users can now design an advanced study with stimuli blocks, creating within-subjects or between-subject design experiments, via an easy-to-use interface.

With the newly launched editor, advanced studies can be designed simply, and quickly.


Next-level survey design

The new and improved survey editor provides more flexibility to the survey design process for our iMotions users.

With more options available to adapt your survey to your needs, you can create and present high-quality surveys in no time at all.

Faster and more accurate Gaze mapping

The automatic gaze mapping of eye tracking glasses data has now been significantly improved.

All the data crunching can now be processed automatically in the cloud, reducing the amount of time taken to process, and allowing you to focus on other things, while the cloud works for you.

Gaze mapping

Social scene analysis

With iMotions 6.3 it’s possible to analyze social scenes, video calls, or any scenario with multiple people, for facial expressions from a face of interest.

By defining an area in the video recording that you want analyzed, you can choose the area of interest, or just reduce processing time.

… and much more

For full release notes please visit the iMotions Help Center (client access only). As always – if you have a suggestion for any future feature or improvement please feel free to reach out.

  • Upgraded Shimmer SDK for easier setup, connection and reconnection
  • Improvements to GSR Peak detection by applying adjustable noise filters
  • Post-processing of facial expression data enabled from remote API
  • Improved time sampling accuracy for eye tracking
  • Option to disable live viewer when using Tobii Glasses
  • Mouse click event visible on the timeline in AOI and markers editor
  • Update support for EMOTIV Epoc devices
  • Live graphs can now be disabled to reduce CPU load during data collection
  • Support for importing SMI glasses data
  • Added API option to export sensor data using millisecond timestamp format