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Welcome to iMotions - Biometric platform for eye tracking software, facial expression analysis, EEG and GSR - all synchronized. x


Automated AOI (Areas of Interest)

This new functionality is a world premiere! State-of-the-art image and object recognition technology allows researchers to easier analyze eye tracking glasses data by automatically follow Areas of Interest. The automated AOI functionality analyzes the recorded scene and updates locations and sizes of all AOIs, significantly reducing the time needed for manual AOI updating frame by frame.

Good for Tobii Glasses 1 & 2


Dalia_Circle“I have been very impressed by the Automated Area of Interest. I tried it out in beta version and it works really well. We used it with different content and characteristics in our in-store study, and the results were great. Automated Area of Interest has saved around 80% of the time that we otherwise would have spent on doing it manually. I strongly recommend to apply it to the mobile eye tracking studies analysis.”

Dalia Bagdziunaite, PhD fellow in Consumer Neuroscience,  Center for Decision Neuroscience, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School



iMotions integrates the Tobii Glasses2 & the ASL Mobile Eye-XG


Tobii Glasses2 – Integrated via the Tobii SD card. Live wireless view available through external  iPad or computer. Import of recorded data through SD card to iMotions software for analysis.

This video featuring Thomas Ramsoy showcases benefits of using iMotions Mobile Eye Tracking glasses software in combination with EEG in an in-store neuromarketing study.


ASL Mobile Eye-XG – Fully integrated with live wireless streaming to the iMotions software. Glasses of choice when combining with wireless biosensors such as the ABM B-Alert EEGs. Available in 30 hz & 60 hz.

This video from iJustine showcases a study of eye tracking glasses in a simulated battle field to evaluate the performance of the soldier. Eye tracking glasses can be used in a wide variety of scenarios whether this are real, simulated or 3D environments. Go to video


“It is amazing to have eye tracking glasses imported into our iMotions application and it gives us fast and efficient analysis. The most time consuming part of our studies have definitely been the analysis, but with the new import function, we can utilize most of the same tools as we use for our remote eye tracking studies. Also utilizing the sensor integration with this device type is of high interest and value to us”

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, CEO Neurons Inc.


Gaze Replay

Shows the gaze path and fixations for an individual respondent for the entire duration of the recording.


Live or Post-Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.


Automated AOIs

Automated image and object recognition tracks the objects within the AOI


Live wireless streaming of synchronized eye tracking & biosensors data


Data from both eye tracking glasses as well as biosensors like EEG, GSR, ECG and EMG is streamed live and wireless, allowing researchers to live visualize synchronized biometric data. This allows for optimal monitoring of data quality and ideal collection outcomes.


Eye Tracking Glasses Available

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